of paintless
dent removal

Since 2010

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South Africa • Germany • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belgium • Brazil • Finland • France • Greece • Italy • Mexico • Portugal • Czech Republic • Turkey .


Swiss Fast Repair has been a specialist in paintless dent removal since 2010. This technique makes it possible to restore a new aspect, at lower cost, of all the vehicles victims of impacts of hail, strokes of doors, shocks, etc. 


Swiss Fast Repair will remove the impacts of your bodywork that do not show paint chips. This precise and meticulous work, a real cosmetic surgery of the car, will give you a result close to new for a very short immobilization time.


The techniques used by Swiss Fast Repair do not require fi ller or paint, are 100% ecological and very economical.


Of paintless dent removal compared to the traditional bodywork:

Short time interventionShort intervention time (24 to 48 hours), so no long downtime.

ecological : no solvents100% ecological process that meets the criteria of the environment: cold repair without use of chemicals or solvents.